Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 things that describe myself (in metaphors)

Here are 10 things that describe myself in metaphors:
  1. I am an owl - I'm active at night
  2. I have a head of springs - my hair is curly
  3. I keep a stiff upper lip - I'm a calm person, it takes a lot to distress me
  4. I'm a ninja - silent
  5. I look like broccoli - bushy on top, skinny at the bottom
  6. I'm like a Shakespearean novel - it takes time to understand me
  7. I'm a sponge - I absorb things quickly
  8. I'm thick-skinned - I don't get offended or upset easily
  9. I have bat ears - my sense of hearing is good
  10. My brain is an iPod - There are endless libraries of music playing in my head all the time

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