Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ideas for Web Design Project

Title: How to...

1. How to Get Out of the "Friend Zone"

Many men have fallen victim to the term "Friend Zone" - i.e fallen into the "friend" category (as opposed to boyfriend) - and as a result die lonely miss out on relationships they could have had. It's a common misconception that once you are friend zoned, you are stuck there forever. This is not true, it's possible to break out, but you need help. My idea is to make a website that tells you how to escape the friend zone.
  • WHO AM I: Just a bro who's been there before
  • What is the friend zone and how do you know if you're in it?
  • How do you avoid the friend zone?
  • Friend zoned? Get me out of here!
    • Change something about yourself
    • Break the "nice guy" stereotype
    • Flirt
    • Break the touch barrier
    • Use your friends
    • Encourage dating behaviour
    • Be bold: Make a move!

2.  How to tell epic stories (the art of BS*-ing)
  • About: You can wiggle your way out of many uncomfortable/dangerous situations just by being a skillful story spinner (or BS-er) This website will help you be prepared for any type of situation/story.
  • Build your prerequisites:
    • Have a character
    • Pick an animal
    • Pick a fruit
  • Be believable: the biggest lies are full of truths
    • Be a better liar
    • Be a truth teller
  • Connect the dots.

3. How to lose weight
About: Many people have weight problems
  • Who am I?: A person who does not have weight problems
  • Cut the problem out from the source
  • Recognize that  you don't need food; Food needs YOU
  • Redirect your attention - away from food
    • Stop yourself from spinning into anorexia
    • Stop yourself from going crazy
    • Stop yourself from eating your cat/dog

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