Thursday, May 10, 2012


   Choosing your first guitar is not easy. There are so many features and options to consider and many people don't even know what they are or what difference it makes. Hence, I made this infographic comparing a few guitar models from three of the biggest guitar companies in the world. I packed in as much information as I could describing the different parts of the guitar and the result it has on the sound and tone of the guitar, as well as ease of playing.
  Knowing what your favourite guitarists use helps give you an idea of what the guitar can sound like and assures you of the quality of the instrument so I added vector pictures of famous artists under the brand of guitar of their choice.
  This infographic was done in a four-colour scheme (excluding the canvas colour - in this case, white). The graphics are 100% free-hand/hand-traced vector images made in Adobe Illustrator.
  I hope this project helps you understand guitars better or just gives you an idea for infographic design :) Cheers


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  2. Yo get the fuck out, seriously Avril lavinge? Theres like a thousand better guitarists that play telecasters.