Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some Beautiful Websites

I love this website, not just because they organize a wicked music festival, but the design is beautiful too.

  • The background graphic is very nice.
  • I like the colour combination. It's just a simple 3-4 colour palette but it is used very effectively and maintains good contrast throughout.
  • The layout is very neat and balanced.
  • The typography is good. The fonts are interesting and readable and the hierarchy is good, clearly indicating which is the headline, sub-head, and body text.

Rocket Jump is home to several filmmakers and their new combined project: Video Game High School - VGHS

  • The background design is nice and interesting. The textures give a nice effect and together with the colour combinations, they really suit the feel of a private high school of their current major project - Video Game High School.
  • This website also uses few colours in an effective way. This website has even less colours - just 3 for the background and logo.
  • The layout is very neat and ordered.

Dean Oakley is a web designer and developer. This is his interesting portfolio. 

  • The background graphic is very nice and cute.
  • It indicates where to move in this horizontal-scrolling website.
  • The horizontal-scrolling is uncommon and interesting, making his website stand out more.
Hull Digital Live is a digital and technology conference in Hull, UK.

  •  The home screen graphic is interesting and eye-catching. The website has good art direction.
  • The colour palette is nice, also using few colours and giving enough contrast to be readable.
  • The typography is good. The text is easy to read and the website has good hierarchy.

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